Learning through argumentation in electronic environments

Projectleider(s) Prof. dr. G. Kanselaar , Dr.J. Andriessen (co-promotor)

Onderzoeker(s): Dr. Arja Veerman (aio)


The main focus for my PhD is aimed at how to provoke argumentation in order to support collaborative problem solving processes in electronic environments (eg the Internet) for academic students. The theoretical framework includes the use of different types of instruction (competition versus reaching consensus in collaboration and question asking), different features of electronic tools (asynchronous/ synchronous communication, struturing the interaction, task specific support) and the role of a moderator focused specifically on question asking strategies.

Afgerond met dissertatie op 26 mei 2000.

Veerman, A.L. (2000, 26 mei) Computer supported Collaborative Learning through Argumentation. Promotor: Prof. dr. G. Kanselaar, copromotor: Dr. J. Andriessen.