Dialogic Physics Learning

Projectleider(s): Prof. dr. G. Kanselaar, Dr.J.L. van der Linden (co-promotor)

Onderzoeker(s):  Dr. Carla van Boxtel (aio)


In recent research on cooperative learning, researchers have sought to analyse interaction processes within cooperative learning groups. An important question is: which components of cooperative learning are critical for learning outcomes? Cohen (1994) states that the relation between interaction processes and achievement differs according to the nature of the task. The PhD-project ‘Dialogic physics learning’ is focussing on the quality of interaction processes that emerge in dyads working on different kinds of tasks. These tasks are meant to improve quality of concept knowledge of fourth grade students (secondary school) on the domain of physics, and were designed to stimulate a productive interaction. In a series of experiments, I investigate the relation between task characteristics and quality of interaction and between quality of interaction and learning outcomes. In the first experiment (november 1996) I compare learning outcomes and interaction processes that emerge in dyads working on a concept mapping task with learning outcomes and interaction processes in dyads working on a postertask. This study also examines the impact of a phase of individual preparation before starting collaborative learning activities. The data that will be analysed are collected through video-tape-recordings, tests and questionnaires.

Afgerond met dissertatie op 3 mei 2000.

Boxtel, C.A.M. (2000, 3 mei) Collaborative Concept Learning; Collaborative learning tasts, student interaction and the learning of physics concepts. Promotor: Prof. dr. G. Kanselaar, copromotor: Dr. J.L. van der Linden.