5th Framework: IST-1999-10664


Internet-based intelligent tool to Support Collaborative Argumentation-based Learning in secondary schools

The project aims to develop a Website containing chatrooms and other tools which support the teaching of argumentation within secondary schools within and between EU member countries. The interface would be in several EU languages, would be exciting and challenging, and would enable the child feedback on the evaluation of the strength and relevance of argumentation either as divergence from teacher- supplied models and/or from standards of internal consistency and relevance. The software would decompose the dialogue into argumentation elements (claims, evidence, inference rules etc) and show these in a diagram, which the child could work on directly also, and which the software could linearise into final, essay form, demonstrating to the child the transparent relationship between non linear argument diagram and linear argumentative essay.

Participant name Participant short name Country Status*
London University. Dr. John Sillince SCALE1 UK C
Universite Lumiere Lyon 2 SCALE2 France P
Utrecht University. Dr. Jerry Andriessen SCALE3 NL P
University of Jyvaskyla SCALE4 Finland P
Universidade de Aveiro SCALE5 Portugal A
Sheffield Hallam University SCALE6 UK P
Association pour la Recherche et le developpement des methodes et processus industriels SCALE7 France P
Software Development Company SCALE8 Hungary P
Szamalk Systemhouse Ltd. SCALE9 Hungary A

Link naar Website van project in Utrecht